Nelk Boys Rack in $23 Million in NFT Sales | Young Earner

By Young Earner Editors

Jan 22, 2022

The NELK Boys are a group of Canadian and American guys who run the YouTube channel NELK. The NELK Boys are known for their pranks in public and wild parties. However, due to these wild actions they were demonetized on YouTube. With the launch of their hard seltzer 'Happy Dad' and the launch of their NFT collection which netted them $23 Million it's clear that's not bothering them.

The 'Full Send Metacard' NFT collection launched January 19th with 10,000 NFTs available for mint for 0.75 ETH or roughly $2300 based on prices at the time of release. The entire collection, estimated to have sold for $23 Million sold out in under 10 minutes. Check out the Metacard announcement below:

Metacard holders will be rewarded with exclusive merch drops, happy dad projects, and many other Full Send business ventures.