Crocs Prepare NFT Launch | Young Earner

By Young Earner Editors

Jan 17, 2022

I'm sure you have heard of Crocs before but if you were unaware, Crocs, Inc. is an American based shoe manufacturing company.

Crocs has now joined the list of companies who have filed a trademark application for their NFT and Digital Collectibles projects. This list includes other clothing brands:

  • Nike

  • Adidas

  • Under Armor

The trademark application, filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, can be seen here.

The application requests the rights to use the Crocs name on NFTs of "footwear, clothing, bags, accessories, and charms for decorating footwear, clothing, bags, and accessories." and also the software needed to create and store the NFTs.

NFTs are only one segment of the metaverse but they offer the opportunity for Crocs and other clothing brands to advertise their products within the metaverse.