Top 3 Metaverse Cryptos to Watch in February 2022 | Young Earner

By Young Earner Editors

Feb 5, 2022

These 3 metaverse cryptos should be on your watchlist in February 2022. Some of them have market caps as low as $2.8M!

Metaverse Cryptos have been all the hype recently with leaders in the space, Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND), reaching valuations of $5.41B and $4.02B, respectively. As of February 5th, the top fourteen metaverse related tokens by market cap have seen double-digit growth in the past 7 days. Check it out for yourself here. With that being said, take a look at our top five handpicked meta verse tokens for February 2022.

1. Metagalaxy Land ($MEGALAND)

  • Unit Price: $0.00000000003501

  • Market Cap: $2,755,998

Metagalaxy Land is a play-to-earn (P2E) space-themed metaverse. Metagalaxy Land's players choose the role of Space Pirates or Cowboys. Players can buy and earn planets and build entire societies.

The $MEGALAND token is as described by Metagalaxy Land, a "token as resource of our metagalactic universe. So, this token will be used for in-game transactions such as constructing, leveling up, and PvP." Loot gathered within the metaverse can be sold on the Metagalactic NFT Marketplace.

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2. UFO Gaming ($UFO)

  • Unit Price: $0.00001555

  • Market Cap: $400,470,677

UFO Gaming is a fully decentralized metaverse gaming platform that has the goal to bring traditional games onto the blockchain and offer players the ability to earn while playing. The UFO Gaming metaverse is called the Dark Metaverse. $UFO will be the primary token of the Dark Metaverse.

Each game that partners up with UFO Gaming will have its own planet. The first game or planet in the Dark Metaverse is called Super Galactic. Super Galactic is an RPG/arcade action/ARG game. The game allows you to breed super soldiers which can be sold on the Super Galactic NFT Marketplace. Super Galactic will release Genesis NFTs which are first edition NFT characters from the game. Only 10,000 will ever be minted and they "will hold exceptional value and will be scarce" as explained by Super Galactic.

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  • Unit Price: $0.00002619

  • Market Cap: $261,387,264

STARL is, as best explained by STARL, "an expansive 3D social-universe filled with exploration, discovery, and creation. Artistic expression, gaming, trading, and collecting assets will interact in its virtual world with a blockchain-based economy." STARL is without a doubt a very interesting project which once again has its own token, the $STARL token. STARL includes the STARL marketplace which will allow players to trade assets like satellites, spaceships, character upgrades, and much more.

This terminology may sound a bit confusing. So, is it a game? As explained by STARL, "Some may think of it like a game, but this all depends on how you use it. A game, by definition, might be anything that you engage in for fun and entertainment. If you enjoy exploring and interacting in a universe with others, then it can certainly be thought of and played like a game! However, there will be portals to actual games where users can play and earn virtual assets. The metaverse and games differ in ways, but they also connect."

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*All unit price and market cap numbers are as of February 5, 2022.