How to stay motivated

Let’s be honest – there are times in life for EVERYONE where we feel down.  Whether it’s regarding your self-worth, relationships, or personal issues, it’s normal to feel like you’re in a hole at times.  The feeling is horrible, I hate it, you hate it.  I wrote this article because I think that everyone should realize that they are not alone on this problem, and I have some tips that could hopefully improve your mood and overall self.  Feel free to share your experiences on how you stay motivated!


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You’re not alone

The first thing is realizing and knowing that you are not alone on this issue.  Like I said, it’s a very common issue, especially for teenagers, to feel depressed.  It takes a lot of energy, focus, and positivity to stay motivated, but hopefully some of these methods help you keep your head up!

Find positivity everywhere

Positivity Stay motivated

Secondly, what I always like to do is to try to always find a positive thing in every situation.  Originally, the title of this post was going to be called “How to deal with negativity”.  However, while doing research for the content of this article, I realized that it should really be renamed to something more upbeat, and positive.  As long as you keep your head high, no problem will be too big to conquer.  I know that sounds like the cheesiest line straight out of a movie, but it cannot be any truer to what one should believe in.  YOU decide whether or not YOU want to overcome your problem or not.

Keep yourself busy

Stay busy stay motivated

It’s human nature to feel bad about the things we regret doing, there really is no way to fully overcome that.  However, you can dramatically speed up the process of forgetting and moving on by keeping your mind busy on other tasks.  You can still be productive and not hamper on something that you cannot change anyway.  I’ve spent countless hours just thinking about how I’ve failed a test or project in school.  Is there anything I can do about my marks, and what happened?  No.  So why continue stressing after the test or project has already been done?  It seems silly, yet pretty much everyone does it at some point in their lives.

Take something away from the negativity

Instead of complaining about how bad you did on the most recent test, (I’m guilty of this all the time) try to actually take something away from your negative encounter.  This will fuel your motivation and make it even stronger.  Review back on what you did wrong; what brought you down to be in such a bad mood in the first place.  Try to see if you can learn how to avoid it the next time something pops up.  Bringing back the test example, if I’m feeling sad because I know that I will receive a bad mark due to my lack of studying – I’ll actually study next time!  It sounds silly yet again, but try doing this every single time; I guarantee you a challenge.

Watch motivational videos

This works for me every single time, but I’m sure that the effects vary from person to person.  When you are down, sometimes you just need someone else to tell you that you CAN do anything.  Watch some philosophy videos, some workout motivational videos, anything that will hype you up and help you get work done.  However, don’t solely rely on the content on these videos.  Take the energy and views from the videos and try to use them to fuel for YOUR motivation and positivity!

Here are some videos that are a pretty good start, if you want more you can always leave a comment and I’ll definitely post a bigger list.

Seriously.  Even Mark Cuban used these videos to help stay motivated himself.  Sometimes we just need some music and motivation to get things done.

Hang out with positive people

Stay motivated and smile

If your company is filled with negative people, it’ll be very hard for you to get anywhere.  Negative people will hold you back and drag you down.  See if your friends really are your friends.   Do they believe in you?  Do they want you to succeed?  Are they enthusiastic when you present them with an idea or question?  If you answered no to any of these questions, then your negativity could have been influenced by theirs.  Try to keep in close contact with people who are always happy and enthusiastic around you.  Doing so will make you a more positive person, and definitely help you stay motivated.

Hopefully after this article, you’ll try some of these suggestions.  I hope that they help you keep your motivation.  Motivation is the key to success!

Did you enjoy this post?  Have you tried any of these methods to stay motivated?  Are there any we’ve missed?   Let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “How to stay motivated

  1. Great tips Allen! I always have to remember though, to not make myself too busy or I tend to get overwhelmed and then become less productive. Finding positive people though is such an important step even though it’s hard to sometimes find others who have a similar mindset as you. Thanks for sharing Allen!

    1. Hey Amanda!

      Yeah, sometimes too busy will make you less productive than anything else.
      I think finding positive people is one of the best methods to improve yourself, and it definitely is a challenge! I’d so social meetups and clubs and volunteer work are some of the best ways to interact with like minded people.


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