How to stay focused in school

We’ve all been there – moments where we feel the need to sleep in school – some have resisted, some have let the urge take them in!  However, I do believe that all of us want to try and stay more focused in class – whether it’s high school, university, or just a regular extra-curricular class you’re taking.  Sometimes, it’s just so hard to keep constant focus, even when you have an interest in such subject!  I’ve gathered a couple of tips and tricks that I use in order to stay more focused in class and prevent yourself from looking like a complete clown when the teacher asks you something while you were dozing off.

Going right to the sweet stuff, then!  These are listed in no particular order because I think all of them have an equally large impact on helping you focus more in class.

How to stay focused in school

1. Get the required amount of sleep497736998_7b692c5a3f_zThis is one of the most important points, and I’m pretty sure 99% of students in high school/university can improve their focus in school if they sleep for longer than they currently are.  From the studies I’ve seen, most teenagers need over 9 hours of sleep per day in order to actually function properly.  I know that most of you reading this do not!  Try and improve your sleeping habits little by little – if it’s your electronics keeping you up, try and minimize the usage for a couple of weeks and see how you do.

2. Keep in eye contact with the teacher

Or at least look at their face.  This will allow you to follow what they are saying, which means that you are less likely to lose focus/interest.  Keeping in constant eye contact with the teacher will also show them that you are paying attention what they are saying.

3. Take notes on the lessonperson-apple-laptop-notebookTaking notes will allow you to follow the lesson better, as well as be able to review and recap on what you learned that class.  This will also allow you to become more efficient when doing homework and projects because you have something to refer back to.

4. Sit closer to the front of the room

In my opinion, the closer you sit to the teacher, the less likely you are to doze off because you are scared of getting in trouble.  It would be much easier to NOT pay attention at the back of the class, so try to avoid that.  You are also more likely to get noticed at the front of the class – that doesn’t mean that you will be a

5. Do your homework!board-928381_640Something that you probably do not want to hear, however, it is very necessary.  If you don’t do your homework, it’ll be harder for you to focus for the class’s lesson because most of them have something to do with the previously assigned homework.  In doing so, you’ll find it much harder to focus, even if you wanted to!

6. Turn away from all other distractionsno-cellphones-35121_640Be sure that your cellphone, laptop, and other gadgets are put away.  Having those kinds of distractions will cause you to lose focus and pay less attention to the actual lesson at hand.  There really should be no excuse to use your electronics and other toys when not needed.

7. Ask Questions349497988_fb751a5e3a_oWhen you don’t understand something being taught in the lesson, ALWAYS try to ask your teacher.  This will show that you care about the subject and you are willing to learn.  Your teacher will prioritize you over a student who isn’t showing signs of wanting to learn.  With the teacher answering your questions, it’ll be much easier to stay focused in class – because you understand what the class is actually teaching!

8. Always use your agenda and have a to-do list10519508175_f3ced9dfc2I know that this sounds pretty nerdy – and… it is.  But I can assure you that it’ll definitely help you focus in school, and outside of it.  Be sure to add any tasks that come to mind during any time of the day – so you won’t forget it later on.  In your agenda, record down all your homework and study required for the next day.  Review it the moment you get home, so you will be able to prioritize your work.

9. Take breaks every once in a whilelistening_to_music_by_mysteriousfantasyIn order to stay focused in class, you have to take the occasional break so you can refresh your mind and be at rest for a while before going back to work.  This does not mean going on the phone or computer, but rather, simply take a nap or chat with your friends.  Try and take your mind off your academic studies for a while.  Everything needs a break in order to maximize efficiency!

10. Do NOT talk to your friends unless necessary

I know it’s VERY hard to do this, because there’s only so little you can do when your friends are talking to you.  However, there are ways to try and minimize the amount of communication between you and your friends.  Try and seat yourself a bit further away from them – don’t ignore them, but let them know that you are trying to learn and don’t want to talk when the teacher is talking.  I know that it’s not the “coolest” thing to do, but if you talk to your friends too much, you’ll find it much harder to concentrate.

11. Set short term and long term goals

What’s the point of doing anything if you don’t have a goal?  Set a goal for yourself, ANY realistic goal!  For example, you can tell yourself that you need to get at least a 90% or A in computer science.  Look at how these short term goals will affect your future: what if you want to be a computer engineer when you grow up?  Make sure you can set realistic goals that requires you to do good in a specific subject or class.  Doing so, will force you to increase your focus and attention in that class in order for you to meet that goal!  If you have to, strike a deal with your parents: if you get a certain grade or award in something, you can get awarded.


In conclusion, it’s really up to you to decide how focused you are in school.  Follow these methods, and I’m sure that your focus in school will be stronger.  The result will most likely turn you into a better student!  Try and start small and build your attention span longer and longer… and really engage yourself in school!students-34444_640That’s all for now… I’ll be sure to update this post if I think of anything else!  How did you like this blog post?  Do you have any experiences of your own, or anything else that worked?  Which one of these do you think is best?  Please let us know in the comments!

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