What is the main reason to Global Warming? You Decide!

What is the main reason to our current global warming situation?  Most would say the main cause to our current global warming is vehicles and industries creating the emissions.  The truth is, from statistics, the main contributor to greenhouse gas emissions is electricity.  Looking at that, the easiest way for a person to help reduce the production of greenhouse gases should be to reduce energy consumption and transportation usage as much as possible.  However, I’ve just found a video that brings up a totally different point of view to the table (I’ll talk more about the more widely accepted reasons later).

Greenhouse_Gas_by_Sector (2)
Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e0/Greenhouse_Gas_by_Sector.png

Looking at this graph from Wikipedia, It appears that agricultural byproducts contribute to a fair share of the  total Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.  It contributes to a very large portion (40%) of methane and 62% of Nitrous Oxide.  A majority of these gases are produced indirectly through human activities in agriculture.  Methane, a greenhouse gas (CH4) is quite harmful because this human-created greenhouse gas (there are natural sources as well) in the troposphere traps more heat than usual, resulting in strange, unnatural weather patterns, and an overall higher Earth surface temperature.

With that in mind, take a look at this video (It is not mine, and I am not suggesting anything… I just wanted to show you guys).

I decided to show you guys this video to provide a different perspective… however, I believe that no one fully understands why global warming is happening today.  There are many theories, some more widely accepted than others.  I showed you some facts, along with this video.  Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide what the main cause of global warming is.

How did you like this blog post?  Do you have any experiences of your own, or anything else?  What is your personal opinion on Global Warming? Please let us know in the comments!

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      • This is a very good article! I do agree that Global Warming is a particularly strong topic that should be discussed more often with other level government officials. Global warming is something that we should worry about now so it won’t harm the coming generations in the future. I believe if we all contribute we can make a difference! Turning off your light when you’re not in the room can make a big impact if many people do it together. But I believe the likely hood of this being successful is the equivalent of half life 3 coming out.

  • tbh we already dug to deep into our grave. there really isn’t any way we can get the entire world to become ecofriendly, because frankly noone even cares anymore. If miraculously we all stop, it’s too late. Come check out my cs betting guide 🙂

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