Stop Procrastinating: Hate Sundays and Love Mondays

Procrastination: the action of delaying or postponing something.

Sounds weird, right?  Why should someone hate the most relaxing day of the week, the day you are not expected to do anything?  And why should someone live for the day of the week that acts as the gateway back to school, work, business, or whatever you do during the weekdays?


The simple answer is this:  Because that’s the key to less procrastination, and reaching your goals in life.

Let me tell you something.  Most of us are disappointed with ourselves after a “typical” Sunday – it’s when we do a lot of lying around and don’t get any stuff done.  We’ve decided that it is the one day of the week where we should just sleep in, sit back, and relax.  For me, I get frustrated every Sunday evening when I look at the clock and try to think about all the productive things I COULD have done that day – which was nothing (especially homework, it’s not unusual for me to start in the evening).  It’s a habit our society has, live for Fridays, and dread Monday.  But allowing yourself to succumb your bad habits is a horrible thing to do.

By leaving all your work for the weekdays, and forgetting about it during the weekends, you’re putting more pressure on yourself to get things done, because you have less time to do it.  Furthermore, if you are looking to accomplish big things in your life, you should invest as much time as possible so in the future, you can look back and say, “I made it.”

Habits cause Procrastination

Our bad habits are what makes us procrastinate – and by fixing them, we’ll be able to fix ourselves, and get more stuff done.  No matter what age you are, it’s important to understand that these bad habits – like dreading Monday, can be fixed.  All you have to do is…… Love Monday.  Be excited for Monday.  Realize that Monday is when all the craziness starts, it’s when you put in the hustle and achieve your dreams.  You should keep that positive mindset, and soon you’ll find yourself smiling as you wake up on Monday morning.  It’s as simple as changing your way of thinking

Every Sunday night, write down all the things you did that day and the time you spent doing each activity.  After a few Sundays, check to see what habitual patterns are emerging.  Things like watching the TV, sleeping until noon, playing video games, etc. should all be cut down slowly so you can make more time for spending time with family, doing work, and so on.  Realizing what habits cause you to procrastinate is the first step to fixing it.

Be Inspired to Procrastinate Less

One of the reasons I found myself procrastinating was because I didn’t feel motivated to do any work on Sunday.  By reading/watching/listening to motivational content, I felt more and more inspired to put in work to achieve my goals.  Follow people like Gary Vaynerchuk, watch videos on Youtube, and constantly remind yourself why you work in the first place.  Whether it’s to get more fit, get more money, or make your family happy, it’s always good to remind yourself of why you get out of bed in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Stop Procrastinating: Hate Sundays and Love Mondays

  1. That is a short but meaningful post. I tend to have a quick run through of what i need to do every night before bed and wake up extra early to start my day. The idea is to begin the day before everyone wakes up. Really does help.

    Stumbled upon your blog. Notice that you posting lesser. Your blog is interesting. Keep it up.


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