Blogging Tips – What I’ve Learned from Blogging

I found out that blogging was a whole lot harder than it had seemed in the beginning.  Hopefully, my mistakes can be of some use to you so you don’t make them as well!  My blogging tips:

Blogging Tips and Advice

I created the Young Earner website because I believe that everyone, especially teenagers, should be more educated beyond the education, academic sector.  I believe that early real life experience is the key to success later in life: you’re more prepared for what’s to come.  The website was officially launched last mid-November (first post on the 19th) and since then we’ve had a dozen posts and a lot of lessons learned.  Hopefully some of these count as blogging tips and advice, and you’ll find it useful and perhaps learn something from it!

It was (is) HARD

To be honest, blogging is much, MUCH harder than I had expected.  For some reason, I believed that new ideas on posts and the overall site were just going to continuously pop up in my mind whenever I needed a new one.  This was, however, not the case.  Oh man, I never realized the struggle every single blogger has when trying to think about writing new content.  It doesn’t SIMPLY HAPPEN.  Additionally, the amount of planning, writing, editing, revising, etc. that goes into every single post is painfully large.  To be honest, I think that my content probably have a bunch of errors because I simply didn’t have the time or energy (excuses, I was really just lazy) to review them for every single mistake in the writing.

Man oh man, did I have an empty brain sometimes.

Um… Some people didn’t care?

Another thing I learned is that apparently, not everyone on the internet cares about what I’m blogging about! (big surprise!!!)


Seriously though, I thought that there would be more people interested in this blog.  There probably are, but the marketing and advertising methods for Young Earner are complete crap, something will definitely be done about that.  I’ve been reading more guides like:

The 21 Ways I Promote Every Single Blog Post – No Exceptions


Techniques for Increasing Blog Traffic

I will definitely start taking some advice from them because it seems crucial to show people that your blog is actually out there – don’t expect them to find it on the 21st page of google (true, personal, and sad story.)  Hopefully, I won’t have to revisit this section if I make an updated “blogging tips” post, as for Young Earner should be marketed and advertised more properly in the future (I don’t do ANY advertising as of now).

Competition – Yikes!competition

I thought blogging was quite unpopular before, but I must’ve been thinking about 2005.  No, blogging is super common now, which means that there is a LOT of competition in every single “blogging” niche.  If you write about something, chances are someone else has already written about it the previous year, which really hurts because it means that most people interested in said topic will read the other person’s blog post rather than yours.  I try to stay ahead of the game by doing research in advance – seeing which topics people are interested in, but cannot find many answers to (which is as always, harder than it sounds).


In conclusion, blogging is a lot harder than it seems and should be done by people who have 2 brains and 25 hours a day to work.  Ok, I wasn’t ALL that serious in this article.  Honestly, for all the work I’ve put into blogging, I’ve actually learned a lot (mainly from my mistakes).  I’m definitely going to continue doing this and hope that my work inspires others to take action and give themselves a head start to their career, financial freedom, and ultimately, success.


So I’ll keep my eyes on the road ahead, and I hope that you guys do too.

5 thoughts on “Blogging Tips – What I’ve Learned from Blogging

  1. Are you able to earn a lot?…and Im thinking of blogging to earn, and share, but I don’t plan on spending to create my own website, but rather use blogspot or wordpress, etc. Got any tips?

    1. Hey Davie,

      Currently, nope! I write on here as a hobby, not for profit. However, I believe if I put in the effort to work on the business side of things, there definitely is money to be made.

      I would strongly recommend you get started with wordpress, it is the best platform out of any other blogging platform.

      Good Luck!

  2. Great Tips! These will really work out for me.
    I’ve been following your Blog from last month and I’m loving it. I found many useful articles about Blogs.
    Thanks a lot for such an informative article..

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