I Binge Watched The Office and Learned Something Invaluable

Saturday morning, and I’m tired from a week of school and hustling.  A smarter man might’ve continued to hustle, and a lazier man like me decided it would be OK to just relax, just this one time.  So what did I do?  After cooking an actual, full breakfast, I hopped on Netflix and continued watching The Office.  It’s a great show that stays true to reality, yet remains hilarious on all levels.

Anyways, I was on Season 7 Episode 7 – Christening, and it was just like any other episode, some laughs, mistakes that were too silly to be made, etc. etc.

The Office: Season 7, Episode 7 – The Christening

A quick rundown of the episode:

Michael Scott, (one of the main characters) is a manager of Dunder Mifflin, a paper company.  He was at a friend’s Christening and met a group of young, enthusiastic people that were going to Mexico to do some philanthropic work and build a school.  He compares his group of office friends and decides that they should be more like the younger, more enthusiastic group, but his friends quickly shut him down.  Michael tends to act on emotion, so he irrationally decided that he was going to leave everything behind and get on the bus with that young group of strangers and head to Mexico – because it seemed like an exciting thing to do at the time.  All of this is simply explaining the plot of the story, which leads me to an amazing quote that Michael said.

When a girl on the bus exclaimed that she’s never heard of anyone that left everything behind everything to “do manual labour for 3 months”(building the school).  And with that, Michael responded without hesitation:


“Well, you know what, everybody thinks that I am crazy, and that tells me that I am the sanest person I know.”

This just tells us how little Michael cares about how others think of him.  In this context, it’s a great thing to do, and something everyone should apply in life.  What others think shouldn’t dictate your actions or who you are – that is up to you, and ONLY you, to decide.

Take care and stay awesome,

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