Appreciate Now.

It seems obvious that humans have the natural tendency to always aim higher than where they currently are.  That’s great, and everyone should do that.  However, there is a point where the strive for success turns into simply greed and desire without appreciation, for what one currently has.

Take a look at this facebook video – just a reminder for everyone that we should be appreciative of everything we have.  It’s funny, because I think we can all agree that we “understand” this… the thing is, are we actually aware and conscious of the fact that there are always people living in worse conditions than us?

Be grateful for what you have!

Look on the Bright Side

Posted by Bright Side on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Looking at this video, you see that everyone is envious of the person a tier “higher” than them.  They don’t realize that there are people actually envying them for what they currently have.  Most people reading this probably have a roof over their heads, clean water to drink, clothes to wear, and even spare accessory items.

Sometimes we just forget to be grateful for our current situation in our lives.  I think everyone knows that they are guilty of this.  We spend a lot of time on the internet – and we barely come accross videos like this.  I hope that you guys can all just take a minute to reflect on the positive things in your current life, because there are always numerous ones.  Thank your friends and loved ones for being who they are and supporting who you are.

I know that this isn’t a regular post, but I just had to share this with everyone!

Did you enjoy the video?  What is your opinion on this, and what do you appreciate? Let us know in the comments below!

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