Earn $20 from SwagBucks in 5 minutes – PLUS FREE AUDIBLE CREDITS

This guide will show you exactly how to get $20 and $30 worth of amazon audible credits for FREE!*

Hey everyone, I thought that I should share this with you because most people don’t know Swagbucks, and if they do, they don’t check it regularly.

Well, right now, Swagbucks has an offer by amazon audible, where you signup for the first 2 months and receive 2000 Swagbucks, which is equivalent to $20 USD rewards.  Alright, no more talking, here is the method, it’s very simple to do and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes!  It’ll be even easier if you have a credit card.


1. Signup for Swagbucks.

Pretty simple!  All you need is a name, email, and password.  Be sure to use a valid email address as for you’ll need to verify it, as well as for future deals and offers.

2. Go to discover page

After you finish registration, confirm your email, then go to the discover page on Swagbucks.  The amazon audible offer should be under the featured offers.  If it’s not there, try going to the direct offer link.  If that doesn’t work, the offer is probably not valid in your country.

3.  Follow the instructions


Follow the instructions the Swagbucks page tells you.  Click the continue button and you should be directed to amazon audible, where you will be asked to fill in personal and credit card details.  If you don’t have a credit card, you can purchase a prepaid one from your local store (it works as far as I know!)  The first month will cost $1, but you will be getting $8 worth of credits back onto your Swagbucks account.  You should get your 1 audible gold membership credit immediately after purchase.

4. Keep the membership

Keep the membership for a second month in order to earn the additional $12 worth of Swagbucks.  You also get another audible credit!  This will cost an additional $1.

5. Cash out your earnings!

Cash out your earnings from Swagbucks via PayPal or other gift cards, and enjoy your “free” audible credits (worth an additional $30)!

6. Cancel membership

Be sure to cancel your audible membership before the second month ends if you do not want to be billed the $14.99 for the next month.

7. Check our other ways to earn

This guide shows you only a glimpse of what you can earn on Swagbucks, as well as on the rest of the online world.  I’ll be sure to continue posting more guides like these if there is enough interest! For more reading, check out the complete basic guide on how to earn money as a teenager: Check out this guide I wrote.

I hope that you were able to make some quick cash on Swagbucks with this method! Until next time.

*technically, you are only earning $18 and the 2 amazon credits, because you are spending $2 for the actual offer.


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