Top 7 Best PTC sites 2016 (TRUSTED)

Ptc (paid to click) sites are constantly being changed, updated, or closed (usually due to the owner scamming).  With the New Year upon us, I think we need to once again evaluate what the top, best PTC sites of 2016 are.  We understand that users like you are always looking for ways to earn, and in order to do so, you need a constant, updated, fresh list of the top PTC sites.  We have come up of a list of just that, the best Paid to Click sites of 2016.

Best PTC sitesWe will be evaluating these paid to click websites based on:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Earning Potential
  • Design and Template
  • Earning Options
  • Support and Professionalism
  • Userbase and Activity
  • Legitimacy

You can be assured that our choices will present you with some of the most elite PTC websites for this year.  We will first provide you with a list of freshly launched PTC sites (within the past year) that we believe have great potential.  Then, we’ll review the longest-standing PTC sites, like Clixsense.  Without further ado, here are 2016’s best PTC sites!

Top 7 Best PTC sites of 2016

*This evaluation is based solely on my personal opinion.  I have personally stopped actively engaging in PTC sites due to the number of scams and shady practices in said field.  This guide was written in order to help those still interested minimize their chances of being scammed.

1. Clixsense

clixsense best ptc sites

Probably the most trusted and longest standing (if not the best PTC site) PTC site of all time, Clixsense offers users anywhere from $0.001 to $0.02 for each ad click.  It does not have a rented referral system, which is both a great thing and bad thing.  The great thing is that it’s harder for this company to scam users by using referral bots, and the bad thing is that if you don’t have any direct referrals earning for you… the earnings can be quite low.  The upside to Clixsense, other than its credibility is the fact that there is a huge Get Paid To system along with the PTC system, meaning that you can earn more for the work that you do.  There is an 8 level system in place where you can earn $1 for every member that upgraded (only for premium members) – this is amazing because you don’t even have to do any work, and can still earn some decent cash.  I would always recommend anyone interested in the PTC world to get signed up with Clixsense first, and get used to the basic PTC system.


2. BuxP

buxp best ptc sites

BuxP is one of the longest standing PTC sites and can easily compete as one of the best PTC sites out there.  It has so many earning options, as well as advertisements to view.  The rented referral system is probably the most legit one you will ever find, meaning that it has the highest chance that it actually offers real rented referrals.  There are many offers to do and this website will always keep you busy, I would strongly recommend it.  It’ll be a big plus if you know how to get direct referrals, this PTC offers great rewards for direct referrals can provide you with some easy extra cash.


3. WordLinx

wordlinx best ptc sites

I just love the simplicity of the wordlinx website: it shows only what needs to be shown, it doesn’t add any unnecessary graphics just to woo the users.  The layout is very simple and the earning structure is very basic, with only ads and referral earnings.  While earnings may be low if you do not have any referrals, it’s still a great site to check on every once in a while.  However, if you have many people to share this website to, the potential earnings can reach the sky.  Wordlinx offers a 5 level referral system on purchases, so it’s very easy to get money stacked up if you get lucky with who you refer.  Overall, a great, and clean site – something that you don’t really see anymore.


4. AdFiver

adfiver best ptc sites

AdFiver is a new PTCwebsite that grew surprisingly fast.  Launched in late 2015, it has almost half a million users as of now and is growing exponentially.  It is very similar to Neobux in terms of design and has 4 fixed ads that pay $0.01 each.  Their rented referral system currently has one of the highest averages for referral clicks, but my guess is that it’ll lower once AdFiver becomes more popular.  This PTC site has the paid to click earning option, as well as an AdGrid which basically is a grid of advertisements where you can possibly win cash prizes.  The admin is very active and posts exactly like the Neobux admin.  It’s pretty much a clone site but you’ll definitely have a higher chance to referral earnings because it’s still a new PTC site.  The main problem I see with this website is that it seems to be trying to “leech” off of a more credible company, Fiverr.

Edit: This site has continuous loading problems but the admin says that they are working on it.


5. Twickerz

twickerz best ptc sites

Twickerz has been up and running without problems for many years now, and I like how it’s a combination between Neobux and Clixsense – it offers the credibility like Clixsense, and multiple ways of earning other than just basic paid-to-click and a rented referrals system.  The downside is that it pays you less than other PTC sites for viewing its advertisements – the upside is that there are a LOT more advertisements to view compared to other standard paid to click sites.  I feel that Twickerz would be one of the best PTC sites simply because it’s clean and simple, with more earning opportunity than many other sites.


6. Ojooo

ojooo best ptc sites

Oojoo is yet another PTC that has been out for a couple of years, and it has more credibility than most other PTC sites because it’s a business that already offered other services at the launch of their PTC site: like an email service.  It offers the typical earning methods, with other offer walls included.  I like the design of this site – it makes me feel more comfortable and more welcomed, in comparason to some other designs for many other PTC sites (namely, most buxhost sites).  I wouldn’t say that this was the best PTC site, but it certainly has the reputation to become one.

7. UseClix

useclix best ptc sites

I like how this site has a more old-school design, back in the day when PTC was the biggest online earning method used.  Just like AdFiver, this site offers 4 fixed advertisements of $0.01 each, with the addition of a revenue sharing package called “Ad Packs” which seem to be pretty cool, especially when the site tells us that profit is not guaranteed (great – more transparency.)  This site is still pretty new, with less ads and little offers to complete, but it still provides its users with the basic earning system.


Honourable Mentions

Scarlet Clicks

Cash Camel






That’s our top 7 list of the best PTC sites for 2016.  Please realize that there is no “one” PTC site that is above the rest.  We didn’t make this list to specify the best ones, but rather, to gather a bunch of PTC sites that have high earning potential and high trustworthiness and reputation, so it’s less likely for them to run away with your money.

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Did you agree with our list?  Would you change anything about it?  What is your list of the top best PTC sites for 2016?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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