Stop Procrastinating: Hate Sundays and Love Mondays

Procrastination: the action of delaying or postponing something. Sounds weird, right?  Why should someone hate the most relaxing day of the week, the day you are not expected to do anything?  And why should someone live for the day of the week that acts as the gateway back to school, work, business, or whatever you do […]

I Binge Watched The Office and Learned Something Invaluable

Saturday morning, and I’m tired from a week of school and hustling.  A smarter man might’ve continued to hustle, and a lazier man like me decided it would be OK to just relax, just this one time.  So what did I do?  After cooking an actual, full breakfast, I hopped on Netflix and continued watching The […]

How to stay motivated

Let’s be honest – there are times in life for EVERYONE where we feel down.  Whether it’s regarding your self-worth, relationships, or personal issues, it’s normal to feel like you’re in a hole at times.  The feeling is horrible, I hate it, you hate it.  I wrote this article because I think that everyone should […]

How to stay focused in school

We’ve all been there – moments where we feel the need to sleep in school – some have resisted, some have let the urge take them in!  However, I do believe that all of us want to try and stay more focused in class – whether it’s high school, university, or just a regular extra-curricular […]