2017: Year in Review – Be prepared for what’s coming

2018 is almost here. Young Earner was not actively worked on as much in 2017 as I would have liked. There are many reasons for this:

  1. I started many new ventures
  2. I started trading more actively within the stock market and cryptocurrency
  3. I created new initiatives and clubs that adopted a similar purpose as Young Earner
  4. A couple posts made this year were deleted by a hacker. No other information was lost

However, this being said… Young Earner was one of my first projects, and I have always cherished the response I have received from readers. I hate bringing up excuses, which is why I have pushed myself to revamp Young Earner, once again, to make it into the best blog for personal development and financial literacy.

So, for the new year, I plan to post a lot more. It has been a great year in terms of all the businesses I’ve started, and the cryptocurrency and stock market. I plan on sharing all my learnings with you guys in the upcoming weeks/months, so stay tuned!

This is what you can expect for the upcoming year:

  • Weekly posts
    • Lessons learned for:
      • Businesses/startups
      • Trading cryptocurrencies and stock market
      • Blockchain technology
      • Health and lifestyle
    • A ton of guest speakers!
  • Monthly contests
  • A much more engaging email subscription service – WIP
  • And more surprises 😉


Happy New Year, and see you soon!


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